Who We Are

Hoodoo Voodoo Cycle & Motorsports Inc. was born like any other entrepreneurial idea, from a daydream. But before there was a name, a location or a budget, there were some founding principles. Firstly, it had to be in a small town. Secondly, it had to be family operated. And thirdly, it had to cater to everyone.

Motorcycles are the heartbeat of the power sports industry, and The Drumheller Valley resonates with the sweet sounds of motorcycles all summer long. From the dirt track up on the hill, to the throaty rumble of a Harley Davidson V-Twin cruising through town or the pitch of a high revving sport bike tearing through some of our twisty turns, they all have a couple of basic needs; love and service. And we aim to deliver that service to everyone with respect, integrity and pride. Those 3 words are on our signs and in everything we do at Hoodoo Voodoo. It’s how we live.

From Harleys to Hondas to Husqvarnas, Goldwings to golf carts, choppers to ditch hoppers, mowers and snow throwers, we’re here to keep Drumheller’s engines running. Custom paint, custom builds, service and repairs for everything is our ultimate goal. We know we’ve set some lofty targets for ourselves and meeting those will take time, but we believe in ourselves and most importantly, we believe in Drumheller!


Jeremy – Mechanic, Test Pilot & Occasional Manger

Born with a combination of motor oil and freedom coursing through his veins, he is the founder and Chief Mechanic at Hoodoo Voodoo. Tired of working for the man, he decided to become the man. When he’s not at the shop, he’s sharing time with either his loving family, his dogs, his club, his majestic steed Rosie (his favourite bike) or watching Edmonton Oiler hockey. A dual ticketed Motorcycle and Automotive Journeyman Mechanic (as well as a few years of Heavy Duty experience) the portly fellow has an appreciation for all things mechanical including all varieties of powersports. Known as a Victory and Harley Davidson specialist, that doesn’t stop him from loving and appreciating most brands. Like any good motorcycle enthusiast, he loves his tunes, which is very wide-ranging in taste (just don’t bring up Neil Young). And don’t interrupt Freebird if it comes on in the shop.

Gord – Builder & Jack of All Trades

A Drumheller native, Gord has been working on bikes, trucks and cars for the better part of 50 years. From Panhead choppers to big-inch custom baggers, he has built them all. Engine building, machining, fabrication and a lot of black coffee are all specialties of this jack-of-all-trades. A successful businessman in the oil & gas industry, Hoodoo Voodoo is an opportunity to follow his passion and be involved in the community and the lifestyle that he loves. When not fixing stuff, Gord can be found riding one of his bikes in the Valley. He’s looking forward to meeting new and old riders alike!

Jesse – Service & Parts

Jesse is our Customer Service Specialist. A BC transplant, Jesse comes to us with experience working in some automotive shops and wanted to follow his passion for motorcycles by working with us. He also spent time in the Canadian Forces and loves to hang out with his girlfriend (sorry ladies) and his pup Roxy. Jesse loves living in Drumheller and looks forward to serving the needs of all our Hoodoo Voodoo customers! Stop in and say hi to Jesse for all your Parts and Service inquiries! 

Claire – Social Media Manager

Another Drumheller local, Claire (Clarity Marketing), is behind the scenes, making sure HV Cycle brand and marketing objectives are being withheld. She is passionate about making small businesses thrive and always does her best to make HDV Cycle’s social media presence known. She may not be an avid rider but she has done her part in immersing herself in the lifestyle to create the most authentic content possible. Hoodoo Voodoo Cycle and Clarity Marketing have grown a lot together over the last several years and continue to do just that!